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About us

A friendly dentist that cares about Cary

Welcome to Parkway Place Family Dentistry, your home for comfortable modern dentistry! Dr. Kimberly Lin and her friendly team proudly serve the communities of Cary, Morrisville, and Apex, providing family and aesthetic dentistry to patients of all ages. Learn more about our practice and see everything we have to offer!

How we keep our patients safe

Health screenings
Contactless check-in
Advanced sanitization
Fully equipped staff

You can trust your smile to Dr. Lin

My mission is to provide quality dental care, improve oral health, and ensure a comfortable experience for all of my patients!

All-ages dentistry

Dr. Lin treats patients of all ages and stages of care to ensure every member of the family receives the gentle, personalized treatment they need.

Modern care

Dr. Lin is a highly skilled practitioner who stays up-to-date with the latest advancements modern dentistry has to offer our community.
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Dr. Kimberly Lin
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We’re reinventing dentistry

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We have decades of clinical experience

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Patient comfort

Anxiety-free care

We use the latest technology to painlessly and effectively administer anesthesia, making sure that your mouth gets number faster and stays numb longer.

Comforting amenities

Sit back and relax! Watch TV while we work, cuddle up with a pillow or blanket, and enjoy a warm scented towel after your treatment.

Digital dentistry

Patient education

Patient handing paper to front desk employee

Gentle care

Parkway Place Family Dentistry waiting area

Parkway Place Family Dentistry makes healthy smiles.